Absolute Nurturing


It is a privilege and an honor to be present as a woman births her child, and takes those first steps in her journey of new motherhood.​

I was born in beautiful Prince Edward Island, where I called home until the fall of 2007.  As a child, growing up, I was constantly drawn to the conversations women would have about their birth stories. As far back as I can remember I have been inspired and fascinated by the miracle of birth. I now have four wonderful children of my own, each with a unique story about the day they were born.

It was my experience in the birth of my first child in 1996 that started me on my journey towards "doula-ism". I had no idea that I actually had choices in the way that I was treated in the hospital or in the type of care that my baby and I received. I completely surrendered myself to the medical staff and whole heartedly trusted that I would be fully informed in all aspects of my care. In the end, as a result of my own lack of knowledge and a minimal support team, I had no say in the procedures they did to my body, or in the "routine" care my newborn received. I felt powerless in my experience and  I remember feeling like the doctors where the ones having a new baby that night, not me. While I was so thankful for the beautiful,healthy baby in my arms, I was let down and disappointed by the process.

​​​ Immediately after my first birth experience, I started researching and studying. I quickly discovered the positive impact that surrounding yourself with a strong support team would have. I have also learned that by raising awareness and empowering women to take back control of their births,and by providing them with the evidence they need to make informed decisions around the births of their babies, women will have a more positive, powerful, conscious and involved experience.  

    The training that I have received through Barbara Harper's Gentle Birth Guardian and DONA international, along with my experiences in maternal care, have strengthened and driven my passion to (1)Educate and inform women about their choices during pregnancy, labour and birth so they can make confident, informed decisions about their bodies and their babies. (2)Advocate for the baby by educating women about how their birth experience shapes the life of their unborn baby. (3) Support and encourage women to honor their bodies and trust in their ability to give birth.


I have been a doula at heart my entire life!

It is my belief that a womans' body knows exactly what to do when it comes to labour and birth. It is her mind that questions it's ability.