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What can you do to ensure you have a normal birth?

  • Hire a doula - A doula will assist you in discovering the choices you are entitled to make surrounding your pregnancy, labour and birth. A doula will ensure you are aware of the risks associated with interventions  and procedures so that the decisions you make will be informed ones. A doula will be a constant presence during your labour and birth, and will provide emotional support and physical comfort measures. A doula provides guidance to partners, allowing them to participate at their own comfort level. A doula recognizes childbirth as a key experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • Express your wishes to your health care provider prenatally to ensure they will be supportive of your decisions.
  • Contact your birthing place and inquire as to what their "routine procedures" consist of, and what their policy is if you refuse them.
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle.
  • TRUST - in your body's instinctual ability to birth your baby normally!